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Geological Evolution of Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic Region
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The Late Paleozoic Alleghenian Orogeny

Mississippian, Pennsylvanian, and Permian;
320 my to 250 my

Supporting Pages: This detail page gives access to several more indepth discussions of the nature of the structural development of the Alleghenian orogeny. Each of the additional discussions is linked below.

Structural Interpretations
   Virginia on the Eve of the Alleghenian Orogeny: the rationalle for the interpretation.
   Virginia After the Alleghenian Orogeny: the rationalle for the interpretation.

   A Primer on Appalachian Structural Geology
   The Fractal Nature of Structural Geology

Stratigraphic Interpretations
   Stratigraphic Section: (B&W html version;     color pdf version)
   The Alleghanian Stratigraphic Record
   Environmental Processes, and Why the Late Paleozoic Stratigraphic Record is Special
   Deltaic Environments: Concise Version.    A Primer on Deltaic Environments, with an Example from Southwest Virginia (under construction)

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