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Two Page Summary History of the Geological Evolution of Virginia
   PAGE ONE - Oldest History: Grenville basement through the Taconic Orogeny (clickable to pages in the 16 page history)
   PAGE TWO - Youngest History: Silurian and Early Devonian       through the Present (clickable to pages in the 16 page history)

   PDF version of Two Page History - a large file (148 kb) but it will print on a color printer as well as the original.

    The two page summary is accessed via the links above. Each page is separate, and each is designed to print on one sheet of paper (see hints below). Each page also has links to the 16 page version for fuller details, maps, cross sections, etc.
    Observe that each page begins with the oldest events on the bottom and proceed up to the youngest on the top. This arranges them is stratigraphic order, that is the order in which rock units are deposited.

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The model for Virginia's geologic history is based on the Wilson cycle, the opening and closing of an ocean basin. This cycle is implicit in the history, but the cycle is not dealt with directly. A one page summary of the history can be found at this link. For more details go to this link.
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