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     A number of keys are provided for sedimentary rock identification. These range from generalized to more complex, and are listed more or less in that order.

A Basic Key Including Clastic, Chemical and Biochemical Rocks
>>>Basic Key - pdf version

Clastic Rocks including breccias, conglomerates, sandstones, siltstones and shales. These keys also include quartz, feldspar, and lithic rock identification.
>>>QFL Key - pdf version
>>>QFL Ternary System - the QFL key is based on a ternary diagram system, discussed at this link.

Chemical/Biochemical Rocks including all those rocks that are not carbonates (limestones and dolomites).
>>>Chemical/Biochemical Key - pdf version

Carbonate Rocks including limestones and dolomites. Aside from a very simple classification (micrite, fossil limestone) carbonate classification does not translate well into a key format. The key below is based on the Folk Classification system, but since that classification is capable of dividing carbonates into myriad shades of differences, a key is stuck with making arbitrary divisions that do not always work well. With a key like this there are always rocks that exist that just do not fit the key. In addition, dolomite is a special problem, but see this dolomite discussion.
>>>Carbonate Key - pdf version

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