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Typical Minerals
Orthoclase - 10-35%
Mafics - < 10%
Quartz - 0-5%
     Monzonite is one of three rocks dominated by feldspar (the others being anorthosite and syenite) with occasional other minerals thrown in in lesser amounts (although the rock can go 100% plagioclase.) The plagioclase is sodium rich, unlike anorthosite which is calcium rich.
     Because monzonite is light colored it is often confused with granite but granite has quartz >20%. Monzonites with quartz 5-20% are "quartz monzonites." Less than 5% quartz and the rock is just monzonite.
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Tectonic Association
      Monzonite is not a common rock, but is typically found around the edges of other felsic plutons, such as plagiogranites or granodiorites. That is, it is typical of continents.
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