Transfer of Files

From: Lynn S. Fichter

Department of Geology and Environmental Science
James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia 22807 MSC 6903

Ancient Environments and the Interpretation of Geologic History

Lynn S. Fichter and Dave Poche

Ancient Environments is out of print. However, I still use the book for my own students at James Madison University. The JMU Copy Center has on file the complete book and makes copies for my students as needed. These are sold in the JMU bookstore (about $30.00 in Spring, 2011). If, however, you wish to purchase a stack of copies for your students go through the JMU Copy Center.

Note that this material is copyrighted by the author, but may be used by anyone for personal or education purposes. No sales for profit may be made of these materials by anyone but the author. I am happy to make the book available but request that each individual ask for permission directly from me, and abide by the copyright agreement. No second party may transfer electronic files or permissions for reproductions. For further information, please contact the author.

The foldout charts that accompany Ancient Environments are not provided in the Copy Center versions, but are available as pdf files below.

Below are pdf files for the foldout charts at the back of the lab manual, and the color sequence figures. Note that these are not the orginal foldouts, but have been altered in a couple of ways.

1. They are colorized versions fitted to 11 x 17 inch paper or 11 x 14 inch paper.

2. Some have been divided into two foldouts since the originals were longer than 11 x 14.

3. I have added some additional diagrams or keys that are not in the original manual but which are available. Most were created after publication of Ancient Environments. Use them if and as you wish.

If you have problems downloading any of these, or find errors, please let me know:

Foldout Sheet 1 Front Foldout Sheet 1 Back Foldout Sheet 2 Front Foldout Sheet 2 Back Foldout Sheet 3 Front Foldout Sheet 3 Back Foldout Sheet 4 Front Foldout Sheet 4 Back Foldout Sheet 5 Front Foldout Sheet 5 Back Foldout Sheet 6 Front
    ADDED FIGURE: Evolution of the Central Appalachian Basin - Fence Diagram A to B to C. This fence diagram is in the body of the text but this is an 11 x 17 version
Foldout Sheet 6 Back Wheeler Diagramsk