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    The original paper in which the Wilson Cycle was put forth is: Wilson, J. T., 1966, Did the Atlantic close and then re-open?, Nature, 211(5050), 676-681.

    A published version of the Wilson Cycle as presented at this site is found in the book " Ancient Environments and the Interpretation of Geologic History," by Lynn S. Fichter and David J. Poche, 3rd edition, 2001, Prentice Hall ISBN 0-13-08880-X; QE651.F46 2001.

    A description of the model containing many of the illustrations as on the web site is in the chapter " Preliminary to Sedimentary Tectonics - Part B The Wilson Cycle," pp 155-172

    The next chapter " Sedimentary Tectonics - Part B A Plate Tectonic Rock Cycle" contains student problems and exercises to explore the model, and understand its dynamics.

   A Circular Wilson Cycle
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