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An Introduction to Minerals

Alphabetical List - linked to images/descriptions

Physical Properties of Minerals
     Hardness and Cleavage/Crystal Form - pdf
     Luster - pdf

     Cleavage Crystal Models - pdf file only - Crystal shapes and cleavage can be sometimes be difficult to visualize in just a drawing. These paper fold-ups will create three dimensional models of the more common cleavages.

Mineral Data Sheets - pdf only

Simple Dichotomous Keys - One of the skills students should learn is how to observe the properties of rocks, and then make a series of decisions that will lead to an identification. These keys do this, and in addition focus their observation and learning on specific kinds of physical properties they must learn. These simple keys are also preparation for the main keys below.

Key to Minerals Harder than Glass - pdf

Key to Minerals Softer than Glass - pdf

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