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Part One - Earth System and Complex Systems
Part Two - Origins of Historical Geology and The Sedimentary Record
Part Three - Evolution of Life
Part Four - Evolution of the Earth
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GEOL 230. Evolution of Earth (3, 2). 4 credits. Offered each spring.

An introduction to the evidence, methods and assumptions used by scientists to unravel the earth's origin and history. Emphasis on rock analysis/interpretation, modern and ancient processes of mountain building, origin and evolution of life and the history of the North American continent. Prerequisite: GEOL 110 or permission of instructor.
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Monday and Wednesday 8-9; T/T 8-9; By appointment; or anytime I am in my office, which is most of the time, and not immediately tied up with something else. Just come by, or call to see if I am available.
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Monday, May 2 from 8:00 - 10:00

What is Historical Geology?

     Historical geology is about the origin and history of the Earth and everything on and in it, through 4.5 billion years of time. But, more it is the history of the discovery of that history and our ongoing struggle to understand a very complicated planet that does not lend itself to the simple diagnosis characteristic of the classical sciences. Knowledge that the Earth is a very old planet is a relatively recent discover whose ramifications are still reverberating through our culture.