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GABBRO   (sawed slab)

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Typical Minerals
Ca PLAGIOCLASE & MAFICS (pyroxene) about 50/50

Amphibole often present
Olivine - absent to trace
Detail Description
     This is the same rock as last detail but this one has been cut on a rock saw and the slab wetted down with water to take the picture. Slabbing a rock often brings out details and appearances not visible otherwise. In this case the rock does not look that much different from the previous detailed picture, except that it looks overall darker because it is wet. Still, we can easily see the black. elongate pyroxene crystals and the dark gray calcium-rich plagioclase crystals in the spaces in between. The white plagioclase is not as evident in this picture.
     An overall dark colored rock just like we expect from a color/texture classification.
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