Part Two - The Evolution of Life
And Its Impact on the Evolution of the Earth

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2005 Study Guide #2

In looking over this study guide it looks like I have changed a lot this semester. What ever looks unfamiliar, it probably is because of changes. Use the Power Point presentations as a study guide too.

Sample Test #1
This sample test reflects the subject matter prior to Spring, 2005. I know I keep telling you that I am rewriting this course this semster as I go along, and I know that has been happening here. Still, many of the questions will be models for what you test will be like. What does not seem familiar on the study guide just ignore; especially things dealing with evolutionary theory. I have skipped that this semester. Some of the principles were covered at the beginning of the semester when we examined systems. In the future I will have to integrate these more, but not this semester. Otherwise, pay attention to the Power-Points. I will go through them as I make us this year's test.

Key to Sample Test #2
- not available at this time.

Page of Test Illustrations
>   Evol. chart for Test #1
Power Point Presentations
   If you have trouble with any of these let me know. Some are very large, so give them time to load.

Record of Life

Evolution of Biochemical Pathways

Cambrian and Mid Paleozoic Faunas

Late Paleozoic Faunas

Mesozoic Faunas

Cenozoic Faunas

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