Cross Section model generator

   To generate and position a vertical cross section model in Google Earth:

      1. Draw your cross section in a graphics program (like Adobe Illustrator) and save it to your desktop as a PNG file
           (with a transparent background) named "image.png" - or type the file name in the box below.

      2. Download the file
Xsection.dae and save it to your desktop (right-click, "Save Link As...")

      3. Complete the form below and click on "Enter information" at the end to generate the necessary KML code in a popup window.

      4. Copy and paste the code from the popup window (use "Paste Special" - unformatted text) into a blank document,
            and save that document (as plain text) with a .kml extension to your desktop.

            IMPORTANT: make sure you include the .kml extension at the end of your document name.

          Recommended: Firefox users can "Save Page As" the popup window as a text file with a .kml extension.

      5. In Google Earth, open the .kml file you created (or double-click on the icon).

      6. In Google Earth, save ("Save Place as...") the "Cross Section" folder as a KMZ file.

   Filename for cross section image (png format):
   Longitude (in decimal degrees) for NW corner of cross section:
   Latitude (in decimal degrees) for NW corner of cross section:
   Altitude relative to ground (for base of cross section):
   Orientation (i.e. strike: 0 - 180) of cross section:
   Length of cross section (in meters):
   Height of cross section (in meters):

   Create Tour to elevate cross section?

Yes    No
   If Yes, enter amount to elevate cross section (in meters):
      (Note: to elevate the base of the cross section to the ground surface,
       set Altitude to the negative value of the elevation amount entered above.)


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