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Dr. Steven J. Whitmeyer
Contact Info

Professor, Structural Geology, Tectonics, and Geospatial Analyses

BS, University of New Hampshire, 1999
PhD, Boston University, 2004

Curriculum Vitae

Courses taught at JMU

GEOL 110: Physical Geology
GEOL 110H: Physical Geology Honors
GEOL 167: History and Philosophy of the Geosciences
GEOL 210: Applied Physical Geology
GEOL 365: Structural Geology
GEOL 387: Stratigraphy, Structure, Tectonics
GEOL 388: Advanced Structure, Stratigraphy, Tectonics
GEOL 399: Field Geology in Ireland
GSCI 104: Geology of JMU

Research Interests

  • Building global tectonic reconstructions and developing associated educational resources
  • Development of digital mapping techniques and visualizations and their incorporation into field geology curricula
  • Bedrock mapping and structural characterization of the Mid-Atlantic region

Research Field Locations

  • Appalachians of Eastern North America
  • Caledonides of Ireland
  • Proterozoic basement of Southwestern North America
  • Eastern Sierras Pampeanas of Argentina