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   Beginning with the 1991 JMU catalog, the BA and BS degrees in geology require completion of a
" senior " research project under the supervision of a faculty member. This site is to answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the research, and provide materials to help you prepare for the research, do the research, and present a formal report of results.
   Each of the FAQ below gives you basic information about some aspect of the research, plus links to additional information.
   Not that some of the pages below are pdf files that require an Adobe reader. If your computer does not have an adobe reader, go to this Trouble Shooting pdf files link to get more information.
Research Support
   FAQ Page
   Get Proposal Page - pdf file
   Philosopy of Proposals
   Oral Presentations - pdf
   Format for Written Reports

Past and Future Research
   Abstracts: 1999 Symposium
   Available Projects

Honors Research
   What is Honors Research?
   Honors Research Proposal
      >Application form - pdf
   Honors Handbook
      >The Honors office hands these out; this is an online version. All the procedures and rules for from proposal to final thesis - 29 pages pdf.
   Journals on Line
   Electronic Journals
Frequently Asked Questions
   What Is the Research Requirement?
   How Soon Do I Have to Start Working on the Research?
   Why Is There a Research Requirement?
   How Can I Satisfy the Requirement?
   What Kinds of Problems Are There to Work On?
   How Do I Find a Professor to Work With?
   What is Geology 499, Honors Research?
   Can I Satisfy The Research Requirement With An Internship?
   How Do I Start The Research?
   What Is The Student Research Symposium, And How Do I Prepare For It?

   Must I Participate In the Spring Research Symposium?

   What Are the Requirements of the Research; What Do I Have to Produce at the End?
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